New Releases

Desperate Measures – Shayne Carmichael

Jason’s friends think Marcus, his vampire lover, to be a lowlife cheater. His friends insist that he set him up to test him. One night, as he dances away the night at his lover’s club, he grudgingly sets in motion the plan to test this theory. With Jason thinking the worst, he sets out to confront the vampire… but the truth is not what he thought it was.

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Unravel – Mychael Black

Fashion designing is a time-consuming profession, as Philip has found. No time for relationships, not that he cares much for them anyway. But as he’s swept up in preparations for a big show one night, he crosses paths with the burly hunk for a lighting manager who just so happens to share some similar interests. Philip finds that there may be more to take off than just his career.

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