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Faolan – Mychael Black

A young, lone wolf, hidden in the woods for the past decade. A desperate lord, lovesick for something that once seemed to perhaps blossom, but never fully bloomed. There was no time for anything to come of the intense feelings… but there may yet be hope. When the lord reunites with the man of his unwavering, evergreen desire – what will come of it? Did both men’s love stand the test of time?

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Protocols of Power – Mychael Black

Five stories, five steamy encounters in the BDSM realm -– whether a light dip into the scene, or full-on Dom/Sub relations –- there’s a little bit of everything wrapped up all in one masterfully-written anthology. From the worlds of dark fae and werewolves; to businessmen with secret interests in bed; to surprising –- and passionate –- reunions having been years in the making — not much is left to the imagination.

Control: Andy Richmond’s secret gay crush has had him by the balls for years – but only in his dreams, much to his disappointment. He hasn’t seen the man of his dreams, Dylan Marsh, since college… until one day, upon reuniting completely by chance, he then finds that this man is no longer the awkward, quiet geek he once knew. Now, he’s the boss of his own company – and, apparently, he’s the boss in bed, too.

Disciplinary Measures:  Dennis Grant is fairly certain his boss doesn’t bat for the same team, but that doesn’t stop the endless fantasies that parade through his mind every day and every night. Roland Forbes calls him to his office, however, when he’s late to work once again… and Dennis realizes his boss may just be as bent as he is himself.

Kor’inth: Having been exiled just two years prior, the dark elf prince Kor’inth Rothe happens across Soren Winters, a vampire, when he sneaks out of hiding and into town. Soren, unlike the dark elves, accepts Kor’inth for who he is and who he likes. And it seems Soren may just share the same interests… and the same kinks.

Release: Jared had no interest in being subservient or calm – his passion was in the thrill of the fight. So when he takes a liking to an observer of his latest fighting match, he expects to take what he wants. But the vampire, Geoff, has the exact same idea; strangely, Jared just can’t seem to resist his demands.

Thrill of the Hunt: After the slaughter of his pack, Keeran Evans was left wandering in the wilds, completely alone. He soon found he wasn’t truly alone, though – a dark fae named Saul Alliaume, exiled from his clan, appears soon after Keeran finds himself snared in a hunter’s trap. Despite their kinds being sworn enemies, the fae and the shifter find themselves fighting the same enemy, and fighting their desire for each other.

Assuming Command: Flight Lieutenant Caleb Leven holds secret feelings for his friend Jason Butler – but Jason can’t seem to get the confidence to approach the possibility of ‘them,’ as it’s just been too long since his last relationship with another man. But he’s been dying to, ever since he learned of Caleb’s… alternative interests. On one evening, however, sparks finally fly, and Jason lets his guard down for the handsome pilot.

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