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Guardian – Shayne Carmichael

For his entire life, Bryan had been aware of his guardian. He’d never seen the man, yet Demarcus had paid for everything. Demarcus, however, has evaded every attempt Bryan has made to meet him. Bryan is about to find answers, for better or worse.

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Tombstone Ranch – Shayne Carmichael

Jake Mathers of Tombstone, Arizona, circa 1881, a young man who—more often than not—tended to float around local bars for rounds of cards, gambling, & whiskey. Through a sudden, dark turn of events when visiting his brother in Boston, however, he also found himself to be Jake Mathers of Tombstone, Ephesia, circa 2281.

Jake had kept hard at work, choosing to keep his distance from most people to protect himself and them. But when an interesting, new face turned up at Tombstone Ranch, looking to work, he found himself letting his guard down. What will become of this new face—will he stay, even when given reasons to leave?

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