About Us

The Short Version

Arian Derwydd Books, LLC, is the brainchild of Katherine Johnson-Cook. Katherine writes as Mychael Black (LGBT+), Carys Seraphine (m/f), and Katherine Cook (fantasy). She decided to start Arian Derwydd Books to publish many of her books she couldn’t find a suitable home for elsewhere.

For now, the only books available are Mychael Black, Carys Seraphine, Katherine Cook, and Shayne Carmichael. Eventually, however, ADB will open to other author submissions. Please follow the site using the Follow Us buttons on the main page.

Behind the Name

With a Welsh (actually, Celtic all-around) ancestry, Katherine chose words from the Welsh language to name her publishing company. ‘Arian’ means silver, and ‘Derwydd’ is the word for Druid.