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Heretic (Secrets of Socendor 1) – Katherine Cook

The races of Socendor have coexisted for ages, but that is about to change. With the Koleri king dead, the heir to the throne, Breasal, sets up rule. His ambitions, however, go far beyond that, and his first target is the elven queen, Furia. Now it falls to an elven mage, Micheil, to rescue the queen and put an end to Breasal’s reign.

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Molly – Mychael Black

Detectives Cameron Marshall and Chase Ward are after a killer. Gruesome murders are plaguing their city, and Chase has a unique way of finding the victims. When his visions lead them and a team to an abandoned home, they discover the latest body. Another frightening vision tells Chase that there’s far more to this case and the murderer than they ever expected. Now they’re on the hunt for a murderer who can’t be caught by any normal means.

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