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Don’t Let Go – Mychael Black

After a bad breakup on Christmas Eve, who else would Dustin call but his best friend Jason? Jason picks Dustin up and gives him a place to stay, and Dustin can’t help but admit that he’s always wanted Jason more than anyone else. At least to himself. When Jason lets on that he might want Dustin just as much, Dustin is shocked. Can they find a way to make both of their wishes come true?

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Gingerbread Men – Mychael Black

Jonas Riddle fully expects to spend his holidays as most pagans do, celebrating Yule, getting his Solstice groove on. When his best friend Keith, who he’s been in love with for several years, asks Jonas if he wants to spend Yule together, Jonas isn’t sure what to think. Keith Holloway is full of surprises, though. Will Keith make this year a Yule to remember?

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