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The Edge of the Nothingness – Shayne Carmichael

At the age of ten, Zach witnessed the death of his mother and the kidnapping of his sister during a vampire raid on their village. For years, the memory of that night and the face of the vampire who saved him from certain death have haunted him. Talked into the insanity of a resistance-backed raid on vampire territory, Zach comes face to face with the vampire he couldn’t forget.

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Dark Submission – Shayne Carmichael

Finding herself suddenly homeless, Lucretia Devon answers Marcus James’ ad for a live-in secretary. She’s desperate to keep from returning to Iowa, and her luck turns for the better when Marcus hires her, offering room and board with the job.Marcus James is a man of many secrets. Can Luc accept her own true nature and allow Marcus to be her teacher? And can Luc stay with Marcus when the truth comes out?

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