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After the Show – Mychael Black

Chaz is a drummer in a rock band who has a thing for piercings. As he leaves his friend’s tattoo parlor, he bumps into a business man. Devin Sharpe is utterly irresistible. Neither man is shy about what he wants, and things progress quickly between them. When Chaz has a gig at a goth club, he never expects to see Devin there. But Devin shocks him in more ways than one.

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Just a Little Bit More – Mychael Black

Dylan Mackenzie has a secret. He lives a double life: that of an attorney…and a submissive. He’s never told anyone about it, not even Max Castille, his best friend of twenty years. Dylan plays at a BDSM club in the neighboring town, where no one knows him beyond his insatiable need to have his body stretched to its limits. He likes the anonymity.

Max Castille hasn’t been in the scene for quite a long time, and the slave auction at a local club is the perfect opportunity for him to step back into the lifestyle. When the slaves line up for the charity auction, though, Max gets the shock of his life.

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