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The Band – Shayne Carmichael & Mychael Black

Chei, G, and Lil are a rising star band. G and Chei share an on again/off again fuck buddy relationship, and everything is fine. That is until G decides he wants to try to have a serious relationship. Instead of choosing wisely, G chooses Geoffrey, a fan with a nasty temper.

Chei has always been in love with his childhood friend, G, but realizing there will never be anything serious between them, he starts dating their mutual friend, Robbie. As things begin to fall apart between G and Geoffrey, Chei falls in love with Robbie.

How in the heck will they be able to untangle the messes that have been made?

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Rediscovery – Mychael Black

Nikky and Danny know they are different and are perfectly happy being with each other. Yet, Nikky yearns to know more about his kind, for surely other werecats exist in the world. A chance encounter with a woman who could be his twin sparks a desire to research his murky past…but will Danny go along with it?

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