Triskele Studios: An Anthology



Playing the Part

Robbie and Seth are back for a Halloween party with all their friends. Robbie is all done up as a vampire, but Seth chooses something a little less traditional. While everyone is hiding behind their costumes, Seth has something to reveal, something that Robbie never expected. The party takes a turn for the better, getting hotter by the minute. Will Robbie make the best of Seth’s surprise?


Worth the Wait

Jeremy has lusted — and loved — Jax for years. He’s made it a habit of visiting Robbie Sexton’s tattoo parlor, where Jax works, just to get close to the dark-skinned god of his dreams. When his friends decide to play matchmakers, Jeremy knows it’s time to go for it. This year’s Halloween party will be one he — and Jax — never forget.


Picking Up the Pieces

A couple years have passed, and Robbie and Seth have everything going for them. Until their beloved tattoo parlor — the one they’ve worked so hard on — is robbed. Everything’s destroyed, and Robbie’s temper gets the best of him. Now it’s up to Seth to help his lover pick up the pieces and mend a few wounds. If it takes a bit of pain, then so be it.


Barside Psychology

Happily engaged, Jack and Ty are back! When a customer puts it into Ty’s head that he’s too young for Jack, Jack sets out to prove just how perfect they are together. Will Jack’s method work, though? And can they help someone else find the kind of happiness they have?


Heart of Dixie

Mack Sexton has been the pillar of the Sexton clan since his brother’s death almost six years ago. He’s seen his nephew Robbie find true love, and he’s watched other family friends come together as lovers. Mack has had his own share of fantasies, and they all involve his friend, Les Spencer — recently divorced and straight. Just when Mack gets the notion to call Robbie and ask for advice, Les surprises him in more ways than one.


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