New Releases

Crossing the Veil – Mychael Black

Modern Druid Elijah has a lot going for a nice loft, a good bartending job at a hot gay nightclub… and a vampire for a boyfriend. So what happens when he begs for his lover to turn him during a Samhain ritual?

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Christmas Wish – Shayne Carmichael & Mychael Black

A grigori is a Watcher angel–one who teaches humans important life lessons. Getting directly involved with a human is forbidden. Ten years ago, Elian watched the love of his life slip away, and he was forced to atone for his involvement. Now he’s back and determined to rebuild what he and his lover lost.

Ryan Nixon let ambition and greed take over his entire life. He lost everything–including his lover, Elian. Homeless and destitute, Ryan can’t believe his eyes when Elian returns and takes him in to heal. Ryan knows what happened was his own damn fault, and if it takes eternity to make it up to Elian, then so be it.

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