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As Above So Below – Mychael Black

Kris Sierra has wanted Ashley Moreau for a very long time. Problem is: Ashley is the brother of Kris’ best friend? and Ashley isn’t out. When they finally give into the attraction between them, it sets off a chain of events that culminate in Ashley coming out to Kris’ parents, who are trying to set Kris up with a woman, in a rather dramatic way.

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Fool’s Gold – Mychael Black

Locked in a jail cell in Port Royal, Captain Ian Bowers is awaiting what he imagines will be the loop of a hangman’s rope. Then a young man appears and breaks him out in exchange for Ian’s help to retrieve the hidden cache of the late Captain Jack Lords. Ian signs on, but he quickly discovers his young financier is far more than he seems. Ian finds himself reflecting on his time with Lords while falling for the man’s only son.

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Specula – Mychael Black

Kyle Owens has made a major mistake: he kept a particular fetish hidden from his Master, Vincent Wolfe. When Vince finds the evidence, it leads to a weekend neither of them will ever forget.

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