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Necessary Evil – Mychael Black

Legends of the Romanorum, Book 5

Lance Shaw knows life with his lover Triarius is anything but dull, but when Triarius tells him about a vampiric son named Aldrich, Lance isn’t sure what to think. To make matters worse, Triarius’ trusted friend and general, Apollonius, has arrived to help with bringing Aldrich to justice for his crimes against the Romanorum, and Lance finds himself drawn to the man. He’s not the only one, either. Just as Lance, Triarius and Apollonius come to an arrangement, however, Aldrich pays the Inferi Brotherhood a visit, ready to take over his father’s rule by force. Can Lance, Triarius, and Apollonius keep their people–and their hearts–safe? Or will an announcement from Triarius seal their fates once and for all?

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Dreams of Death – Shayne Carmichael & Mychael Black

Legends of the Romanorum, Book 6

A new serial killer is on the loose. As the bodies pile up, the police scrambled to make sense of the bizarre pieces of evidence. A gang of hackers following the case know a lot more than the police do. They know the killer isn’t human, and they’re putting the clues together faster than the police can. Determined to find the creature by himself, Aaron tracks down the vampire to give him an offer Aaron thinks will be difficult to turn down. Within sight of one of Aaron’s dreams, he’s not about to let fear or sanity stand in his way. Besides he can give the vampire something he needs so he doesn’t believe he’ll be the creature’s next victim.

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